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Autonomy: Development and Consulting.

One to One Coaching


I have extensive experience of one to one coaching at all levels in my previous work at the University of Manchester. I work to the following definition of coaching provided by the Association for Coaching:

"A collaborative solution-focused, results-orientated and
 systematic process in which the coach facilitates the
 enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-
directed learning and personal growth of the coachee."

In line with AC guidance this can be applied: organisationally to managers and leaders at all levels; within specific professional and occupational fields; and to groups and organisations as a whole.

My coaching methodology involves in depth diagnosis and focus on client needs and action that may impact on performance in four capability quadrants. It involves a whole person approach recognising the complexity of professional roles that clients occupy.


In line with Transactional Analysis philosophy my coaching is contractually based. Over a period the client will agree goals and targets for change to facilitate outcomes from coaching at 3 levels:

actions to resolve immediate presenting problems and task related issues;

longer term outcomes relating to changed habits and ways of relating with 

changes in how the client perceives themselves and their world.

The Next Steps

I work with individuals and organisations on coaching engagements. I can access a range of psychometrics in the coaching process according to client need and wishes.

If you would like to discuss possibilities for coaching please get in touch. I provide coaching to North West HEIs and wider, and other organisations.