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Autonomy: Development and Consulting.

Organisation Development and Change


In 2011/12 I led a project that identified that staff development and HR departments in HE were increasingly reinventing themselves as OD units. This trend continues albeit on occasions with little overt philosophical basis on which to base OD practice - often it appears as 'big' staff development/HR.

My approach to OD retains its systemic origins, recognising that large scale organisational change and development requires alignment of: cultural/structural strategies; development of organisational systems, processes; and HR skills development strategy, as part of an integrated and multi-layered change approach. OD is a facilitative and subtle transformation process that works with felt organisational needs as much as rational modernist 'business' reality.

Central to effective organisational growth and development

are the psychological contract and organisational values. Recipes seldom succeed.

Team Builds, Away Days, Process Facilitation

Over the years I have worked on a range of large and small scale team type away days and development events. These include:

facilitating work team process and task based development events e.g. identification and development of team roles, developing team communications, development of team vision, strategy and objectives;

organising and leading large scale communications events designed to improve work place communications, organisational climate and support culture change;

facilitating large scale fun away days including well being, healthy working, and general conferencing type events.

Please get in touch to discuss any aspects of your team or Organisational Development needs.